Wishes, dreams, hopes and fears, the sorts of things that everyone remembers.

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About the Book

Eighteen short stories and two poems by Wanda give fleeting views of the transgender experience – from watching the sunrise to feeling jealous envy of a beautiful nun – from schoolyard chants to the desire for a long time relationship that could never be – and more… wishes, dreams, hopes and fears, the sorts of things that everyone remembers.

About the Author
Joyce Melton

I’m into my second go-round at being thirty-something but this time I’m doing it right. I run websites, one of which gets 50,000+ hits per day. I write stories, draw comics and design books. I walk my dog everyday and run a bookstore on Saturdays.

I’ve been a spy and a top-secret cartoonist. I’ve run restaurants and print shops. I’ve been paid to wear mouse ears, correct other people’s spelling and grammar, and teach algebra to people smarter than me. Not all at the same time.

I will read almost anything printed and have probably written something in a similar genre at some time, maybe more than once

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