Series: Unreachable, Book 1
Genres: GLBT, Homelessness & Poverty
Publication Year: 2013

They say no student is beyond reach - he's out to prove them wrong.
When she discovers Andrew's secret, two lives will be changed forever.

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About the Book

They say no student is beyond reach – he’s out to prove them wrong.

Janice Rosenthal is entering her eighth year of teaching, but it might be her last. Never before has she had a student as unruly and insubordinate as this one. Andrew Bryant is the terror of seventh grade, a student known for driving teachers to the edge of retirement, and he is in her class.

How can Janice–and the rest of her students–make it through the school year with such a disruptive force in the classroom? Her only hope is to try to break through the orphan’s defenses, to pierce a wall that no other teacher has ever scratched.

When she discovers Andrew’s secret, two lives will be changed forever.

Editorial Reviews


Mandatory reading for all school teachers, — Thomas J. Peashey IV

Unreachable has reached a new pinnacle in transgender books. Katie you’ve done it again. So many of your books are high quality, and, this may be your best. There was no problem relating to the characters start to finish. I love the plot very much. — Dora L. McCollum


From the Author

The new 2nd Edition is now available. Some changes.

  1. Completely re-edited. Removed a few flubs that got by us the first time.
  2. Condensed. The front end of the book was condensed to bring the main characters together sooner and concentrate on the focal point of the story.
  3. Educator friendly for use in class (grades 7-12).

2013 Transgender Book of the Year. – GreedyBug

About the Author
Katie Leone

Katie Leone strength is in making strong characters that readers can connect with and care about. Her plots are complex, but plausible. She has the knack for getting the emotions out of people and her work describes the transgender life accurately. Katie's major works are suitable for mainstream audiences and for high school and middle school students.

Katie Leone is living life in transition in Tampa FL with her FtM boyfriend Felix and a Pride of annoying cats who like to walk on her keyboard every time they think she's been at the computer to long or if a scene is getting too intense.

You can join the Katie Leone fan page on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/KTLBooks

An Interview with Katie Leone at "Heroines of My Life" http://theheroines.blogspot.com/2014/11/interview-with-katie-leone.html

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