Wrestling Against Myself

Wrestling Against Myself
Genres: GLBT, Psychological, Sports
Publication Year: 2013

Antonio (Tony) LaMano is entering his senior year of high school. He is the captain of the wrestling team and the most popular guy in school. Everyone looks up to him and expects him to do what is right.

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About the Book

This year his biggest struggle will be off the mat

Antonio (Tony) LaMano is entering his senior year of high school. He is the captain of the wrestling team and the most popular guy in school. Everyone looks up to him and expects him to do what is right.

After finishing as a state runner up his junior year, this is Tony’s year to do great things both on and off the mat, and nothing is going to get in his way.

That is, until he meets a small freshman girl that other students hate with a passion. The school expects Tony to join them and force the girl out of the school, Instead, Antonio takes it upon himself to be the girl’s protector before knowing what her secret is.  When that secret gets out, everyone responds and Tony finds himself in the middle of a situation beyond his control.

From the Inside Flap

Wrestling Against myself is the story of High School senior and star wrestler Antonio LaMano. This is to be his year, the year where he puts everything together and achieves all of his goals on and off the mat. He is already a leader at Dunedin High School and at his church, but when a new girl shows up at school his convictions are tested.

What is with this girl? Why is she subject to taunts and bullying? Antonio is at a loss, but does not like the way the school is responding and decides to take action. Surely she is hiding a secret, but can any freshman girl do something so bad that it warrants such vile treatment? Antonio sets to find out.

When the secret is revealed that the girl is transsexual, Antonio is faced with a greater dilemma, does he forsake the girl and rejoin the crowd or does he go against the tide and try to weather the storm. Either choice carries with it great consequences.


Another sweet, touching and gut-wrenching story by an author who has a knack for demanding the reader’s emotional involvement in her novels. This is a realistically told story about a romance between two innocents that flames brightly before calamitous events precipitated by hate, bigotry and transphobia test the values and principles of the “righteous” as this novel winds toward a very exciting conclusion. What I loved most about this book was that it grabbed me at the start and gripped me from start to finish.  Samuel Rafael (Bending the bookshelf)
About the Author
Katie Leone

Katie Leone strength is in making strong characters that readers can connect with and care about. Her plots are complex, but plausible. She has the knack for getting the emotions out of people and her work describes the transgender life accurately. Katie's major works are suitable for mainstream audiences and for high school and middle school students.

Katie Leone is living life in transition in Tampa FL with her FtM boyfriend Felix and a Pride of annoying cats who like to walk on her keyboard every time they think she's been at the computer to long or if a scene is getting too intense.

You can join the Katie Leone fan page on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/KTLBooks

An Interview with Katie Leone at "Heroines of My Life" http://theheroines.blogspot.com/2014/11/interview-with-katie-leone.html

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