Zoe Taylor

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Well to start with, I am legally blind and have been my entire life with about 15 separate surgeries before I turned 18 just to keep my vision from going completely, the last being in 2004. I am LGBT and passionate about all forms of art, be they writing, music, or visual arts.

I’m very much a geek, I grew up in both geek and goth culture, and I love all things macabre. I have a fledgling YouTube channel that I’ve not put nearly as much work into as I’d like that you can check out at https://bit.ly/CrystalMystical if you’re into gaming, but I also post vlog updates.

And if you want to support my SO and I further, and get a sneak peek at other titles we’re working on, you can find our patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/AtoZStoryCorner

As far as personal interests go, I’ve already mentioned gaming, I’m also a musician (guitar, but I’m teaching myself to play the drums), professionally trained photographer (Yes, really!), and I just recently started learning Japanese.

Twitter: @CrystalMystical
YouTube: bit.ly/CrystalMystical
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/AtoZStoryCorner

Becoming Robin: A Tale of Self Discovery
Robin Smith-Lady Tiger: Becoming Robin Book 2

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