Accidental Romance

Accidental Romance

I went to an old school buddy for a job and got more than I bargained for.

I mentally slapped myself for feeling both nervous and giddy about meeting Nathan Adams, currently the hottest item in Hollywood. To me, he was still “Porky” Adams, my fellow nerd from high school. But I’d seen his movies, and he definitely wasn’t porky any more.

I took a deep breath and swallowed as I approached him at his table outside a swanky bistro. This would be a job interview after all. It occurred to me at the last minute that I probably should have gotten a hair cut.

Nathan smiled, stood and held out his hand as I arrived at his table. “Bobby Johnson. My God. I haven’t seen you since graduation! How the hell are you, bro?” He took my hand in a firm, but not crushing grip and then let go. He pointed at the chair across from him and said, “Please sit down.”

As I sat I said, “Nathan! You don’t look anything like that scruffy nerf herder that I remember from school.”

Nathan indicated to a waiter to bring another drink to the table. He smiled with even white teeth and said, “I’m not scruffy! But yeah, bro. I do work out a bit. But look at you; still a skinny kid who looks perpetually fifteen in bad need of a hair cut! I’d bet that to this day, my dad still thinks you’re a girl.”

I smiled weakly. “Gee, thanks Nate.”

He laughed, “Hey, what are friends for, right?”

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Genres: Gay, GLBT, Romance
Tag: DopplerPress Publications
Publisher: DopplerPress
Publication Year: 2017
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